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超越计划(Go Beyond)中国上市记

3 九月 2013

超越计划(Go Beyond)中国上市记

超越计划(Go Beyond)中国上市记


  9月3日,默沙东动物保健在北京举行了“2013第二届家禽技术总监高峰论坛”,同时宣布在中国启动超越计划(Go Beyond)。来自全国近百家家禽企业的技术总监参加了该活动。

  超越计划(Go Beyond),是基于10多年来广泛应用的“肠道健康”理念。“10年来,随着遗传选育工作的进展,肉鸡生长速度越来越快,如何满足肉鸡对营养、环境需求而最大可能发挥遗传潜力,同时生产出符合大众对高品质鸡肉的要求,是摆在肉鸡养殖者面前的难题”,默沙东动物保健亚太区及南撒哈拉区市场总监Yong Ming说到,“仅仅关注肠道健康,已经不能同时满足肉鸡从业者和大众的需求”。

  超越计划(Go Beyond),即通过饲料营养、疫苗(如球虫疫苗)及保健药物(如恩拉鼎)等各种手段的合理搭配使用,以提高肉鸡群整齐度,改善肉质品质,同时降低饲料及生产成本,“这将使肉鸡养殖企业经济效益大大提高,改善由于饲料原料价格过高带来的负面效应”,Luis Etcharren,默沙东动物保健全球市场总监讲到。中国农业大学索勋教授同时指出,肉鸡球虫病是造成养殖者巨大经济损失的最重要的疾病之一,使用球虫疫苗预防肉鸡球虫病的发生是行业的共识和趋势。

  此次会议特别邀请了西班牙Cardinal Herrer大学的José Ignacio Barragán教授,西班牙著名的家禽营养专家,就超越计划(Go Beyond)与创新价值的营养要素进行了探讨;还邀请了默沙东动物保健(巴西)技术总监,Fernando Vargas博士,介绍了全球最大的肉鸡出口国-巴西的家禽产业现状及超越计划(Go Beyond)给巴西肉鸡企业带来的巨大变化。

  随着越来越多的人认识、了解并实践超越计划(Go Beyond)。超越计划(Go Beyond)必将对中国肉鸡行业带来巨大影响,也将使越来越多的肉鸡企业从中受益。


“Go Beyond” launches in China


Beijing, China 3 September 2013 — MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the USA and Canada) today held the "the 2nd Technical Director Summit of poultry 2013" in Beijing, and meanwhile announced the official launch of "Go Beyond" in China. Nearly one hundred technical directors from poultry enterprises attended the event.

"Go Beyond" is based on the "intestinal health" concept which was widely applied in the past 10 years. "In the past 10 years, broiler growing faster and faster thanks to the advances in genetics and breeding. But, how to meet the nutritional and environmental needs, and how to grow to the full potential while meeting the public demands for high-quality chicken becomes a big problem placed in front of broiler breeders", said Yong Ming, Poultry marketing Director of MSD animal Health Asia Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa,"It has been unable to meet broiler practitioners and public demand just focus on intestinal health. "

"Go Beyond" aims to reduce production cost, enhance flock uniformity and improve carcass quality with a reasonable combination of feed nutrition, vaccines (eg. Coccivac B), health drugs (eg. Enradin) and other means. "It will greatly enhance the economic benefits of broiler enterprises, improve the negative effects of higher feed ingredient price", Luis Etcharren,Global director of Merck animal Health , said. Meanwhile, Suojun, professor of China Agricultural University , indicated that coccidiosis in broiler is one of the most important diseases which cause a lot of costs and the common view and trend of poultry industry for coccidiosis are to use  coccidium vaccine.

Professor José Ignacio Barragán, famous professor of Cardinal Herrer University in Spanish, was invited to discuss the nutritional key elements for innovative value creation for "Go Beyond". Another experts, Dr. Fernando Vargas, technical director of MSD Animal Health in Brazil, also was invited to introduce the poultry industry status of Brazil, the world's largest chicken exporter, and the great changes to the broiler enterprises brought by "Go Beyond" program.

More and more people will recognize, understand and practice in the program. "Go Beyond" program will certainly bring great impacts on Chinese broiler industry and also give more benefits to a growing number of broiler enterprises.


 Launching ceremony