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10 三月 2014




发布时间: 2014年3月10日

在Patrice Cail、 Andrew Skidmore博士、以及Aurora Villarroel博士的支持下,研讨会议题包括:反刍动物乳房健康、生育繁殖及中东地区奶业的威胁和机会。演讲得到在座兽医们的非常积极的反馈,大家认为默沙东动物保健反刍团队为竞争对手们树立了新的高标准。
我们提供给客户的是“完整的解决方案、全面保健”并重新强调了健康平台的概念,包括我们在生育繁殖( Estrumate® , Receptal® & Metricure®)和乳房健康( Cobactan®(克百特®) , Mastijet® & Cepravin® )的核心品牌。


Ruminant Team Presents First Dairy and Reproduction Technical Seminar in Middle East
Published: March 10, 2014
The MSD Animal Health Ruminant team presented the first Dairy and Reproduction technical seminar in Dubai last month. The event attracted more than 120 veterinarians from 12 countries throughout the region. 
With the support of Patrice Cail, Dr. Andrew Skidmore & Dr. Aurora Villarroel, topics related to udder health, reproduction and threats and opportunities to the dairy industry in the Middle East were presented to the attendees. The feedback from the veterinarians was extremely positive and has set a high standard for our competitors to follow.
Our message to customers was “Complete Solutions; Total Care” and re-emphasized the concept of the health platform approach, encompassing our core brands within reproduction (Estrumate®, Receptal® & Metricure®) and udder health (Cobactan®, Mastijet® & Cepravin®).
The event also gave us the opportunity to introduce the new MSD AH Middle East team and strategy to our distributors, and to discuss our key priorities for 2014 and beyond.