is one of the most common reasons people bring their pet to see the vet.
Ear disease is painful for your pet, and if not treated properly can lead to ongoing problems. For that reason it needs to be treated seriously, and treated as early as possible.

What is ear disease   什么是耳道疾病?
Ear disease or ‘otitis externa’ means inflammation of the external ear canal. It can occur in cats and dogs of any age and has a number of causes.耳道疾病或外耳炎是指外耳道的炎性反应。任何年龄段的犬猫均可能发生。
It is important you regularly check your pet’s ears and watch out for the signs of ear disease so they can be treated before they get any worse.在耳道疾病变的严重之前的例行常规耳道检查、识别耳道疾病特征以及及时治疗非常重要。
Unlike the human ear, your pet’s ear is deep and curved – this shape makes some pets prone to developing ear disease.不同于人的耳道,宠物耳道深而弯曲-这样的耳道结构使得宠物易患耳病。
Dirt and wax can easily accumulate and it is difficult for moisture to get out.污垢和耳蜡很容易在耳道堆积而不易清除。
This is further complicated in dogs with pendulous ears that hang down (e.g. spaniels) as it is difficult for air to circulate. This hot and humid environment is ideal for the growth of bacteria and yeasts which cause infections.垂耳犬由于没有很好的耳道通风条件,高温潮湿的耳道环境更加有利于细菌和真菌的增殖而导致感染。

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